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Dog Grooming is a Family Matter

I want you to know how I feel about my pets and why it is a pleasure putting forth this information on the Internet.

For most owners, having a dog as a pet is similar to having a child although physically there is really no comparison, emotionally, this really is the case, as dogs are feeling creatures and thus deserve care and love too. In my pursuit of being a good and caring owner, the pet owner should be able to perform some very basic actions that showcase this caring attitude, which will be well received and enjoyed by the pet.

I currently have 3 full-bred dogs on my ranch. A Golden Retriever (Duke), two German Shepherds (Zeus & Sheba above), and a Border Collie (Jumper above). All my life I have grown up with dogs in the family, so I believe I have a very good idea of keeping my best friends looking good and healthy. My blog is simple. I’ll show you some time-proven methods in dog grooming if your a beginner, or not, from the simple bathing techniques to brushing, ear, and eye care, brushing their teeth to trimming and nail clipping methods. I’ve done lots of research in many areas to save your precious time (but it’s not a bad idea to do some yourself), so you’ll have the best tools needed to complete the task at hand. Many are the ones I personally use and others I recommended to friends and my neighbors for use with personal instruction.

As I mentioned, I’m keeping your dog(s) general-care simple. We all know how expensive it is to take our dog to a professional groomer and if you have more than one, Ooch, $$$. It really is not hard to do, if you know how and when to do it. It’s a little time and a bit of patience. And in no time at all, it’ll be easy and quick. It really boils down to you and your dog getting comfortable in the washing portion of dog grooming. All of the dog grooming that your pet needs will not all be done at once, but at periodic times. Bathing, brushing, nail clipping, and so on.

The idea for my website came about from friends and neighbors always asking me questions about dog care, being an owner of many dogs myself. They see how good they look and how well they are trained.

I am a retired owner of businesses in the computer world, I just thought it would be a great idea (a little time on my hands and prodding from friends) if I could help others do what comes naturally to me. You all know the saying “Practice Makes Perfect”. and you will save a great deal of money in the process.

All of the products I suggest to you I use or have suggested to friends for a particular situation or problem. This site was not set up to make money but to help you with products that work or products that fit a particular situation. I do not list a whole slew of the “Best product for so and so”, when you do that (Best) all you get are marketers or websites just looking to make commissions on recommending products they never used, while most of all the information is generic.

For all my supplies, I purchase the most up-to-date tools and gadgets with everything I need from my local farm and feed store, if they do not have it then on Amazon which, for the past 15 years I’ve been able to find the professional name brands I use and trust, good pricing, and most of all, I get it delivered to my home in two-five days with free shipping, including all my dog food.

However, I would like to mention here, and I have done so throughout the site, that when you order an item and know you will use it every month, see if you can get that item on a subscription basis (monthly). If so, you can save as much as 50% to 65% than ordering it monthly yourself.

However, there are several products I do list and use (must-haves) on the site here that come directly from the manufacture and are not available on Amazon. or I should say, I prefer the better brand than the cheaper one.

So relax, read, watch the videos I have put up, and if you have a question, don’t hesitate to post it in the comments under the appropriate topic. I will answer you ASAP.

I will update topics and add new ones as they come forth. I will also add new information to a Facebook page I just created on 9/2020 for that purpose. (@doggroomerslove) Hope you Follow and Share.

Have a great day and have a healthy and happier best friend.

Be good. Be well.




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