Affiliate Disclosure

This website was created for one purpose and that is to help dog owners in grooming their pet.

I have been ordering from Amazon online for the past 15+ years as more and more of the wholesale dog food and accessories suppliers I purchased from came available through Amazon and eventually cut my shipping costs, more so over the past 8 years, with the ease and cost-effectiveness of having my products delivered to my home for free.

I have chosen to list the Amazon products on my personal website for the benefit of helping those who choose to learn dog grooming themselves and because of my own use of these products for many reasons. Mainly, the affordable pricing, fast delivery options are given to me, and more importantly, the brand name products used by professionals in the pet business, especially by veterinarians.

I also order products directly from several manufactures because those products are still not represented on Amazon but are paramount to my dog’s well being good health, pet efficacy and organic ingredients are very important to me.

My website, My Dogs Grooming, is not a participant in any of the Amazon affiliate advertising programs, therefore I make no commissions. I simply suggest Amazon because of its convenience. The products that are advertised on this site are used by myself for my dogs and have been very thoroughly researched. Naturally, the choice is yours.

Content on this site does contain a few affiliate links but they do no sway my opinion for suggesting them. These links take you to third-party sites, such as My Pets and Budget Pet Supplies because their products, which I use, are not available through Amazon. If you make a purchase, may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I thank you for your support and will do my best to offer you what I believe is good value and quality products for your pet canine!


Thank You

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Updated: Oct 30, 2020


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