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Dog Bathing Equipment and Grooming Tables

I will try to simplify your dog’s bath time with the right equipment with not only my years of experience but also my friends and neighbors as well with the recommendations I have made over the years. Whether your dog loves or loathes taking a bath, I’ll give some good tips to remedy the problem. Everything I will list here for you is good high-quality dog bathing equipment and tools, including grooming tables for small and large dogs, dog bathtubs and pools, pet shower sprayers, or dog grooming sprayers, foldable grooming tables can make bathing your pup easier than ever. For drying your dog, I would suggest having two long-heavy cotton towels (small dog-medium), pet hair traps to avoid clogged drains. Find the DYI dog washing accessories you need.

Grooming your dog at home         Dog's Grooming Tables


Using dishwashing soap: The quick answer is no, it’s not safe to wash your dog with dish soap or regular hand bar soap. Bathing your dog in dish soap often leads to a skin infection. These skin infections in pets can be very itchy and painful. Also, you can not use your own body wash. Dog shampoos are made specifically for the occasion. See the Dogs shampoo page.

Bath Gloves:

Using specific bathing gloves for your dog serves two very important functions. 1. Before washing you should brush your dog’s hair to remove shedding hair, dirt, and any other matter. 2. The soft rubber teeth of the dog massage gloves can better massage your pet’s skin. The 5-finger design allows you to effectively massage hard-to-reach areas such as the tail and face. Oh, and let’s not forget to keep your own hands nice and soft. Ha, ha.

My preferred choice is the first one I listed. the HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves, not only for bathing but also for shedding. I have been using these for over 4 years and actually have two pairs, one for my dogs (Golden Retriever, Collie) and the other pair for my horses. They serve 4 functions: 1. They will gently groom your pet, 2. Use for shedding, especially the undercoat 3. perfect for bathing, and 4. Messaging their skin. Its five-finger design, complete with bristle tips on the fingers and round tips on the palm, allows for a versatile expert tool capable of grooming, de-shedding, bathing, or massaging your animal. This pair of gloves will gently remove excess hair, debris, and tangles before washing and will keep your hands and fingernails clean from dirt and oil. I have had nothing but very good remakes from all those I recommend to. They are a little more expensive guys, but for the 2 jobs they do, bathing and shedding, they are an excellent investment and cost-saver, not to mention lasting longer than the cheaper ones.

I do have another pair that I use on my German Shepherds and they are the [Upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove. I feel these gloves are best suited for shorter hairs dogs while still performing the massaging of their skin and removing loose hair.

The best reason for using the gloves or mitts:

Pet Grooming Gloves serve as two purposes of use on our dogs for brushing of shedding hair and perfect for bathing. The pet grooming gloves are designed with over 3,000 high dense brush heads spread over the gloves to catch any loose pet hair easily. Perfect for long or short hair pets like dogs and cats, rabbits, and more. Considering your little pet’s comfort at the same time, they are high-quality silicone material which is with superior soft and elastic performance to improve the comfort level for your pet.

— NON-ABRASIVE, FLEXIBLE RUBBER NODULES – Available in all sizes. Groom and shed your animal without hurting its skin! Non-abrasive, flexible rubber nodules gently massage your pet and remove excess hair while distributing natural oils for healthy skin and coat.
— BIG OR SMALL PETS / LONG OR SHORT HAIR – Whether you are grooming a large dog or a chihuahua, the HandsOn glove is a perfect fit. Our patented design works on all animals, big or small, long or short hair!
— PETS LOVE IT – Make bathing, grooming, and cleaning an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet! Pets shouldn’t fear bath time and neither should you. This pair of grooming gloves make hard-to-reach places easy and quick to clean. Wet or dry, these gloves will not slip or fall off thanks to the hook and loop fastener.
— EASY TO CLEAN – Simply rub your gloved hands together, rinse off with water and air dry, or throw them in the washing machine for quick and easy cleaning. These gloves are also compact enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, grooming caddy, or bag.

Dog Bathing and Bath Accessories

It goes without saying, before washing your pup, brush them first. This will remove some of the dirt and shedding hair. Better to wash your canine in clean water than dirty water.

First, I will say, that if you have the advantage of bathing your canine outside then do so. You will find clean up a lot easier and quicker. Your other option is naturally the shower or bathtub. This method would require a hand-shower sprayer for convenience. Use warm water.

I have listed below a few hair traps for your drains.

Dog Bathing  or  Dog Bathing at home

Now, whether you are washing your dog outside or inside a shower, bathtub, train them not to shake the water off by holding them with one hand and washing with the other. When they try to shake tell them a firm “NO”.  In time they will know not to do this until you are done. Whether they are pups or an older dog you can train them to not shake in the tub/shower and to behave while washing. I have done this with quite a few friend’s dogs and all successes.

In the home, when you are done bathing, close the shower doors or curtain (making sure it is inside the tub) and let them shake to their heart’s content. Towel dry (best to buy 2 big cotton towels). If you are using a hair-blower, please make sure it is set with no heat on, otherwise, you may burn your dog’s skin, and worse, dry it out will cause scaling. Do a search and you can find hair dryers for dogs if your pocketbook is ok, not expensive.

If you are new at this, all it takes is a little patient and time. They will really get to like it. I bathe all my dogs outside in a little kiddie pool. All I have to say is “who wants a bath and they come a running. Just imagine what you can do with all that extra money you’ll save from the groomer. $$$.

Dog Bathing Brushes

Even though I prefer my bathing gloves, here are a few dog bathing brushes that do perform a good function. They are safe to use and can be used on short or long-haired dogs. They are excellent for massaging the skin. There is a ring grip handle on each pet washing brush, it is suitable for different sizes of hands, firmly fixed between the palms, it is easy and convenient to use.

I do use the MISTHIS Dog Bath Brush because of the soft silicone bristles that do a great job of massaging and getting the dry dirt on my Shepherds skin ( outside a bit and follow me around on property). I then use the [Upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove for finishing.

Dog Sprayers

Dog Folding tables

If you have a small dog you can use the sink or a large bucket shown above. If you feel you need a table and can’t use one at home (cover it with a towel), then pick one up locally. i.e., Walmart, Target, etc, it will be cheaper, otherwise here are some grooming tables I suggest.

This is similar to what you be able to use if you like and pick up locally. Cheapest I have seen is around $48-$60

Lifetime 5-Foot Folding Table $50.00 Amazon

Folding table for dog grooming

Pet hair Traps

This is simple folks. You can use this stopper or the cheesecloth which I just cut a small piece and fit over and push a little into the drain when I occasionally use the bathtub.


If at any time you need help or have a question, leave a comment under the appropriate topic. They will be answered ASAP.



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    1. First, I do not own a Pit Bull but like the ones that are very well trained. I have a friend with 2 and they are so handsome. Make sure he or she is on a good healthy diet. I have a section on it.

      Brush them daily to remove excess hair. Even though they have short hair they still shed. Brushing your dog daily will keep your home cleaner, trust me on that. Bathing them regularly will control the shedding and help keep their skin in healthy condition. Remember, use a very good shampoo and conditioner. I recommend one of each. Not big on the 2 in 1 kind. Just depends on the love for your family member and the time factor. Do remember also, to shampoo down to skin level and rinse thoroughly. Bathing depends on where they are. Inside mostly..once every 6 weeks. Outside much, every month. I am a believer in bathing a dog regularly. If their diet is good in minerals and vitamins and a good shampoo and conditioner are used, then I do not worry about drying out their skin. Then again, when you groom you will know.


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