Arava Natural Medicated Dog Shampoo – Antibacterial Antifungal Anti Yeast

Dog Medicated Shampoo for Itchy Dry Skin

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When you are in need of a dog’s medicated shampoo to solve the problem of itchy dry skin, it is well documented that many products that contain chemical ingredients and additives can cause severe damage to your pet’s well-being and health. Current recent studies have demonstrated that many of the chemical ingredients are considered toxic and can be extremely harmful. Some even have proved to be carcinogens. You cannot afford to take this risk.

Particularly when it comes to sensitive areas, such as your dog’s skin and coat, you should be extra careful. Choosing natural, herbal ingredients is the best way to avoid any danger since they are naturally grown, without any chemicals and preservatives.

I am listing two medicated shampoos of what I have found with personal experience along with testimonials of others who had similar issues, to solve several problems with your dog’s condition. Dry skin and itching, flaking dry skin, or possibly if you need the best antibacterial and antifungal dog shampoo, blow you may choose and I have listed them in order of preference.

Arava Natural Medicated Dog Shampoo – Antibacterial Antifungal Anti Yeast Arava Natural Medicated Dog Shampoo – Antibacterial Antifungal Anti Yeast Anti ITCH Dog Shampoo – First Aid in Hot Spots Ringworm Scrapes Abrasions & Dermatologic Infections

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— Formulated with premium Dead Sea minerals, Arava Therapeutic shampoo is perfect for treating skin problems and irritations including hot spots, infections, and inflammation. Contains 28 natural ingredients.
— The Arava Bio-Care formula is a pet-friendly formula that gently cleans deep within your dog’s undercoat to enrich the follicles, making the fur more beautiful, shiny, and without dandruff. Perfect for dogs with dry skin!
— Designed to specifically to reduce skin infections and treat dermatological conditions, this pet medicated shampoo helps HEAL hot spots, scrapes and abrasions, mange, ringworm, dandruff, seborrhea and keeps skin folds cleaner and healthier.
— Arava Pet shampoo contains 28 active ingredients including potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-yeast botanical oils that help heal most of the skin bacteria and fungal that indoor and outdoor pets can pick up.
— A silky, moisturizing formula that’s safe for dogs and puppies. Price: $23.97

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Anti Itch Dog Medicated ShampooAnti Itch Medicated Dog Shampoo for Dry Itchy Skin Hypoallergenic Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner for Allergies and Itching, Sensitive Skin Allergy Relief Treatment.

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— MEDICATED SHAMPOO FOR DOGS – Sensitive skin hypoallergenic dog shampoo and conditioner that combines the maximum strength benefits of Pramoxine Hydrochloride 1% & micronized colloidal Oatmeal for dog itch relief
— Pet shampoo provides soothing relief of dry itchy skin from mange, hot spots, flea bites, allergies, dermatitis, & dandruff. Contains Omega-6 fatty acids to deliver the Pramoxine itch relief medication into the skin while providing a protective barrier. Uses colloidal oatmeal to nourish moisturize, and soothe. For feline, canine, & horse
— Dog Allergy Relief has a colloidal oatmeal base designed specifically for allergies and itching. This 2 in 1 dog wash and conditioner is the ultimate skin soother for instant itchy dog relief
— The nano-sized Liposome particles encapsulate functional ingredients, adhere to the surface and penetrate through the skin to retrieve and sustain the essential nutrients needed for effective pet skin treatment & to maintain a healthy coat  Price: $19.87

These two shampoos are excellent, but if cost or pricing is a little problem, here are some alternatives. I have listed them in order of preference.

The Paws & Pals 5-In-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo I listed is a good medicated shampoo. It will condition, detangles, and moisturizes. It’s an Anti Itch, Odor Control and made in the USA  20 oz

The shampoo includes oatmeal, which will help moisturize and soothe itchy skin. It may also help relieve symptoms of allergies, hot spots, dry skin, and will also clean, deodorize, and soften your pet’s coat. Pet wash cleaner also contains all-natural ingredients such as aloe & ingredients which occur organically such as pro-vitamin B5. This shampoo will assist in hydrating, healing, and protecting your pet’s coat and skin.


Conclusion: Once the problem has been solved, make sure you are using a very good dog shampoo in the future. This will help solve the problems of dry skin, flaking skin, or some more common reasons for treating skin problems and irritations including hot spots, infections, and inflammation, and fungus.


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