Dog Hair Clippers

Dog Hair Clippers


Dog Hair ClippersKeep your dog looking his best. Bathing and brushing your dog before you cut helps to get rid of those nasty tangles and clumps of hair that can make grooming extremely more difficult.

If you think the use of dog hair clippers and shears are just for professionals, think again. Professional dog groomers cost a lot of money and you will be surprised to find out that with the right dog grooming tools and equipment, plus a little patience, that you too can give your dog a salon-style trim right at home.

When it’s getting harder to see your pup under all that fur, pop into Amazon and pick up dog clippers and shears to shed to style up your furry family member.

If your pet has a thick coat or long hair, the warmer months can get uncomfortable for them. Petco carries a wide selection of dog clippers to help to keep them cool efficient and easy. Unlike trimmers for human hair, dog clippers are specifically designed to get through your pup’s thick fur. Additionally, dog grooming clippers have a more robust motor to help keep them from overheating and wearing out as fast as non-specialized trimmers. You’ll also find replacement blades, as well as cooling and lubricating sprays to reduce friction and keep your dog clippers in tip-top shape.

Regardless of whether you are starting to do your own grooming on new pup or old dog, ones that may be alarmed or sensitive to the noise from an electric shear, you can find several types of dog shears for a quieter cut. Thinning shears features a row of serrated teeth that are great for lightening up or layering your pup’s coat while facial shears to touch up sensitive spots around the eyes, ears, and feet.

Discover the best Dog Grooming Clippers & Hair Trimmers from our Best Sellers. There are listed over 100 of the most popular and practical Dog hair clippers, trimmers and replaceable blades.

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