Dog Beds making your pet feel at home

Dog Beds – Puppy Beds

Dog Beds - Puppy Beds

Well, just like humans like their comfy beds, our best friend can enjoy his/hers too. BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Beds has Plush Mattresses for Orthopedic Joint Relief, A Machine Washable Cuddler with Removable Cover, and Waterproof Lining, and we even have beds that include Squeaker Toy.

Who said a dog’s life is tuff? Ha ha.

There really isn’t much I can say on this topic that you already don’t know. It’s all up to the size of your dog and how much you are willing to spend.

I have a friend where a cost is never an option for his Husky and purchased a PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed.  Orthopedic Memory Foam for $120. Lady has had her bed for almost 3 years now and when I see her in it, she is comfy.

I have also seen this PetFusion Better Lounge Dog Bed purchased for a large Poodle. It has a solid orthopedic Memory Foam (orthopedic dog beds for older animals with joint problems), Waterproof foam liner, & YKK zippers. Mary Ann said it was easy to brush and clean and has a cover for it. The cost was $84. Has had for 18 months.

Here are some selections for you to look over. Do read the reviews on the dog beds, I have.

Small Dog Beds

Large Dog Beds

Heated Dog Beds-Believe It Or Not They Do Exist

Well, don’t laugh, it is a question I occasionally get asked and so I needed an answer.

If you just added a new pet as a member to the family and you need to find the perfect bed for them to sleep on you should consider buying one of the many heated dog beds available.

During my research, I found many websites with several styles to choose from. There were simple mats that can be placed inside a house or a kennel outside to keep them warm in cooler weather right on up to thermo-cuddlers to be used inside your house to keep your pet all snuggly warm and comfortable. I did however want to keep to factors in mind. Pick quality bedding for affordable dog beds to match a reasonable budget.

Here are some of the reasons you may need to find something warm for your pet:

1. Your pet will be spending some time outside in a kennel, no matter the weather, when you are away at work.

2. Your pet is getting on in age and has some arthritis problems where heat would just make them feel better.

3. You have hardwood floors in your house and they get cold at night when the furnace is turned down.

These are just some of the reasons you may choose to buy this type of sleeping area for your pet. Their comfort is important to you and you want them to have the best.

These were the most common styles available:

1. Microwaveable mats that get warmed in the microwave for a specific amount of time but only stay warm for a short length of time.

2. Quilted pillow types that are electrical and keep your pet warm for as long as the unit is turned on.

3. Warming lounge sleepers that use your pet’s own body heat to keep them warm.

Whichever style you decide on obviously is up to you and what you think your pet would like but you should make sure that you buy the right size and shape for your pet.

All of these styles came in small, medium, or large, with some extending that to even include x-large. You should have no problem matching the size of your pet to a new sleeping area.

When considering the type of beds available, price and shipping costs, most of all the sites I visited had basically the same product as I have chosen to show below only the pricing was higher and there were shipping costs to consider.

Price is no doubt a consideration as well as your pet’s comfort or needs. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised to see that each of these beds is very reasonably priced and all available at less than $100.

As I have mentioned on many pages here within this site, I use Amazon for all my pet’s needs as well as my personal. Pricing, name brands, quality, customer service, return policy, and Free Shipping with 2-4 day quick delivery.

These are the Dog Bed Length Sizes you can purchase

13 Inches & Under

14 Inches to 26 Inches

27 Inches & Above

I have just picked 8 beds of different sizes and have read all of the information and chose these to list, some of which are self-warming beds with plush fabric and special characteristics unique to the bed style.

On most of the dog beds that are made available, you can choose the color, size of the bed, and style: Cooling Gel Foam, Memory, or Orthopedic.

Dog Beds Heated and Electric

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed Sage

Cats and dogs alike love cuddler-style beds, and they all love heated beds. K&H has combined these two popular features into one luxurious bed!

With a 6 watt removable MET-listed heater, the K&H Thermo-Snuggle Sleeper is the ultimate heated experience for cats and dogs. The dual thermostat heater warms to your pet’s normal body temperature when in use. When your pet is not in the bed, it will emit a small amount of heat, keeping the surface of the bed at approximately 10°F-15°F above ambient air temperature.

With 2″ thick foam walls that are 5″ high, your pet is sure to feel safe and secure. The removable exterior cover is machine washable and the pillow sleeping surface is also removable and machine washable.

Available in Medium size (20″ x 26″) or Large (24″ x 31″

K&H Pet Products Heated Pet Bed Warmer – Multiple Sizes from Small to Large Dogs

The Bed Warmer offers comfort and warmth to any indoor pet bed. They can be placed inside virtually any pet bed and are extremely easy to use, just plug them in. Your pet will love it so much it will quickly become their favorite place to nap.

The K&H Pet Bed Warmer utilizes internal dual thermostats that regulate temperature using an energy-efficient 4-22 watts, depending on the size warmer you have purchased. The surface of your pet’s bed will warm to their approximate natural body temperature when they lie on it, allowing them to rest comfortably and snuggly warm. When not in use the surface will cool to approximately 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature.

The Pet Bed Warmer is not ‘pressure-activated, it will emit a small amount of heat anytime it is plugged in and inserted into a pet bed. This is to allow your pet to sense the heat being produced by the Pet Bed Warmer, and that heat will draw your pet to the bed.


Here is the main link for all Heated Dog Beds to choose from.

We love our pets and most of us treat them as a member of our immediate family because that’s what they are. They protect us and love us unconditionally. We should always do what we need to do to ensure their comfort and security and if that includes choosing one of the many heated dog beds out available then that’s what we should do.

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Updated July 13, 2021


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