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Maintaining your dog’s looks and health requires a bit more than just dog food and walking your canine. Grooming and having the right dog grooming products are an important part of the pet-owner relationship and I speak from experience. There is a special bonding relationship you build and that makes for not only a happier and healthy pet but of being a prideful owner as well.

With the ever-growing high costs of taking our pets to a professional groomer or even a veterinarian, you should consider doing some of the basics of grooming your dog at home. It really is not hard and only takes a few sittings with your canine to become proficient at grooming and is a lot easier, for some, with a dog grooming table and a few accessories. Just think of the money that can be saved in the long run, not to mention the important component of good canine health.

You don’t always have to do everything at one session or sitting.  A quick brushing here and there. Clipping their nails (10 minutes once a month), a little hair cut on the paws and/or around the eyes, and so on. I have 4 dogs (2 shepherds, coolie, and golden retriever) and like me, once you get it all down, experience, it’s a lot easier than taking care of kids.

Here are a few of the basic areas needed for that Dog Show Look and Good Health:

  1. Grooming with a dog brush and dog clippers when needed can help prevent some serious health problems. A dog with poorly brushed and maintained hair can attract pests, infestations, and infections. Hair grooming is a great time to check your dog’s skin for conditions like hot spots, scaling, dryness, and critter bites before they become a problem and warrant a veterinarian visit.
  2. Trimming your dog’s nails with dog nail clippers (now safer than ever) is also important. Overgrown nails don’t just scratch up your wood floors, they can actually hurt them when walking and can also cause changes in your dog’s walk.
  3. Checking and making sure your dog’s ears are clean.
  4. Last, is washing. Yeah, I know what your thinking. It’s not bad. As I said earlier, it’s learning, and 3 or 4 washes and they’ll love it. Really! my 4 I wash outside in a kiddie pool. All I need to say is who wants a bath. They actually lay down it. No outside access? The bathtub is fine. The key to washing your pouch is talking to them, a lot at first. It clams them down. You want them to get used to the procedure and they will. If you have a small dog you can buy a small bathtub.

Portable – Folding Dog Grooming Tables

When appropriate, a lot of these grooming needs can be done outside, if not, then inside with a large towel on the floor or using a portable folding table which you will find below. They will be the ones I am most familiar with because I have recommended them to friends and neighbors alike who want to groom their pets themselves for whatever their personal reasons. For most, costs.

This was the whole thought process behind this blog in the first place. I was always being asked questions of care, what tools I used, shampoos, clippers, etc, because of how well-groomed my dogs were all the time.

For most, a pet table to groom your pets is a good way to make the task easier. The grooming table is an easy and safe platform for you to dry and trim your canine’s hair. Your little pet will be comfortable to take shower on. Several friends find this really easy. Not only saves your time and back but also strengthens your relationship with your pet.
Dog tables have a non-slip soft surface, allows your pets to stand steadily and keep them safe while you’re grooming. In addition, the waterproof PU material also easy to wipe dry and maintain. Great for bathing, grooming, trimming, dressing, drying, and other uses.
I have listed only strong tables with a security leash loop and sturdy buckles that keep your dogs secure in grooming. They fold easily for storage and transportation, also space-saving when it is out of use.

Each portable dog grooming table has its advantages so pick the one that you feel fits your need and pocketbook.

Dog Washing Tubs – Pools

Dog Spray Shower Attachments

Dog Shower Sprayer Attachment for Fast and Clean Pet Showering. These sprays have multifunctional use whether indoors or outside.

The Aquapaw and the HANSPROU Dog Shower Sprayer Attachment Pet Shower Wand are my favorites.

  Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool – Sprayer and Scrubber – Compatible with Indoor Shower or Outdoor Garden Hose – for Dog and Cat Grooming – Garden Hose and Shower Adapters Included. Pet bathing made easy: Save time, money and water when you wash your furry friends at home with this innovative pet shower attachment. The original Aquapaw is easy to install and operate
Eliminates mess and stress: This all-in-one tool lets you brush and rinse your pet simultaneously, for faster bathing with no need for bucket rinsing. The button mechanism lets you click easily from ON to OFF with one hand, leaving your other hand free to soothe your pet
Indoor/outdoor use: Comes with adapters to fit shower spigot or garden hose, so you can easily create a small animal grooming station indoors in your tub or a large animal shower outside. Includes 8-foot hose
Ergonomic design: With its one-size-fits-all design, Aquapaw straps securely to either hand. The ON/OFF button rests in your palm, for ease of operation. The strap adjusts easily to fit all hand sizes
Quality materials: The scrubber tool is 100% FDA-grade silicone – strong enough for scrubbing thick fur, yet soft enough to be gentle on your pet’s sensitive areas



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