Dog Grooming at home for beginners

Pet Grooming At Home

In spite of the fact that many pet owners effectively groom their dogs at home, it will take a little bit of time and exertion to get your dog alright with a regular schedule of at-home grooming, which can help decrease shedding notwithstanding further developing your relationship with your dog.

“Your dog trusts you totally with all the significant choices throughout their life. However, on the seemingly insignificant details, grooming, obedience training, etc, they sure can have how should I say this,  have opinions or an attitude, and those should be tended to according to most veterinarians who say building up a solid establishment of trust before endeavoring to prep your dog at home in always a wise decision.

Your dog must have the option to rely on the unwavering quality of your conduct, which means practicing your home grooming techniques regularly and gradually, getting him used to being contacted in delicate spots, and offering positive rewards, meaning treats as you move forward. Adhere to an anticipated framework of the chore at hand that follows a progression of steps, permitting you and your dog to arrive at a place of comfort.

Keep in mind, your dog will know whether you are apprehensive, which may make him nervous and can prompt him to pull away or try to leave. On the off chance that your dog does get apprehensive with being brushed, don’t push immediately. Pet him a little and talk to him. Give him a treat and try again. I have always brushed my dogs when they were pups and did not have this problem. This situation may only arise from getting a new dog of age 1-3 years old and possibly were not really cared for properly. It’s OK. In that case, if it persists, try again at another time. Don’t give up on your friend. It will work out. Always have a handful of treats. They will help your pet get more comfortable with the exercise.

I would also like to mention that when you are buying dog brushes and combs, de-shedding brushes, or any tools for that matter, please read the full descriptions. They should tell you what dogs they are good for and so forth. Sometimes dog owners do not do this and ultimately purchase the wrong brush, comb, and in general the proper tools. A little extra research will go a long way. Just think of the money you will save in the long run when you groom your own pet and let’s not forget how great your pet will look and feel. I have listed a chart under brushes to using and purchasing the right dog brushes.

Why and How to Brush Your Dog

You should brush your canine each couple of days regardless of the length of his coat. Once in awhile your brushing can have a particular purpose, for example, removing hair mats or helping your canine shed his regular coat, however frequently, you’ll be doing general-purpose brushing or combing. Pick the correct brush.

To start, brushing your dog a few times a week depends on a few factors: length of hair, are they outside a lot, etc, for a few minutes at a time to create a routine. Regular brushing alone can accomplish a great deal in the way of good grooming. Have a house, naturally brush outside, on the other hand, if you are in an apartment use a large enough sheet or tool. My suggestion is to do it in the bathtub because it will be a lot easy to clean.

Brushing is very important in keeping a dog clean.

My first suggestion is to use a slick, metal pin brush especially for dogs with long hair (see chart).  This type of brush is made for going through longer hair easily and pulls out a good deal of dirt, grass, and other little items associated with a dog being outside. For shorthaired dogs, like my Labrador. I prefer what is called a shedding blade which gets much of the fine hair off quickly. As I mentioned in the first paragraph it is always a good practice to get your dog accustomed to regular brushing and to brush them while he or she is standing. Not lying down. Brushes chart.

Bathing Your Pet

First, I don’t recommend a lot of bathing so here is my rule-of-thumb. My dogs are always outside (three breeds) and I do bath them once monthly unless the situations demand twice. Depending on your surroundings once every two months is not bad. Again, it is all your preference but since my dogs are in the house as well as yours and(mine are trained not to go in certain rooms) you may want to do a bath once a month for the freshness factor. Hey, you take a shower every day. You’ll know when they need a bath.

When you do bathe your dog make sure you brush him first him to get the heavy dirt and debris out. Putting your dog in a bath before brushing just makes for dirty bathwater and even a dirtier dog. When bathing your dog, use a higher-quality shampoo, as inexpensive versions can have harsh ingredients (hence cheaper price). Here is a little tip my father taught me. Thin your shampoo out a little bit, it is easier to rinse out completely. Most likely if this is your first time doing this, save the bottle and then pour an appropriate amount to the older bottle and add a little water (purpose is not to water down the shampoo).

See links for bathing equipment dog shampoo & conditioners and deodorizers.

OK, that’s all the easy stuff.

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