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Dog Grooming Scissors and Trimmings for your pet

When you are doing dog grooming at home, you need specifically Professional Grooming Scissors for Dogs with Safety Round Tips. These should be your first choice.  As a best-seller, and the ones I have purchased many times for friends and neighbors, and highly recommend for home users, I have listed the 4 in 1 Dog Grooming Kit with scissors that are sharp and durable when you need reliable and trustworthy pet grooming shears for your pets.

The best components for any professional pairs of scissors will be the sharpness, smooth cutting, comfort in use and, durability that will work for you for years to come. The plus side is that both pairs of your scissors have round tips for that extra safety factor for grooming your pet.

However, if all you need is a single pair of scissors to complete your grooming kit (already grooming your pet at home), I have listed them below as well. Scissors do get dull, for me anyway, with 4 dogs to groom. I have bought many of the individual scissors, bought curved and straight, over many years, and have tested a few brands. These are the ones I will show you and list.

I would like to suggest that if you are looking to try this for the first time, I have a page for instructional videos on using clippers, shears-scissors, and other areas of dog grooming that you can benefit from.

It goes without saying, that having a good pair of dog grooming shears is one of the most important essential items when choosing to groom your pet. We know all too well depending on your dog’s size and coat type, visits to a dog groomer can be very expensive.

This is where my experience can be of great help too in choosing the right set of tools to complete the task at hand. That was my decision of creating this site for the sole purpose of helping those to do these simple tasks of grooming at home. All it does require is a little patient on your end and after a few sessions with your pet in the different areas of grooming–bathing, trimming, ears and eye cleaning and nail cutting, you just may want to call yourself a “professional”. At least you’ll have a great looking pouch.

Some Basic Grooming Facts for Scissors

For thin or fine coats you’ll need smaller scissors between 5.5 to 6.5 inches. Smaller scissors will give you better control in smaller areas with the least amount of strain to your hands and with angles. Your shears with one straight-edged blade and one blade with teeth will be used for your finishing with a smoother-looking appearance.

For medium to thick and heavy dog coats, you will want to use the longer scissors which are between 7.5 to 8.5 inches. With longer scissors, you will be able to take off more hair per cut, which increases cutting-time and give you a smoother overall finish. For dogs with a thicker coat of hair, I suggest using the thinning shears. These are the scissors with the two blades with notched teeth. They are most effective for vast amounts of thinning.

Here is a video for the use of using small hears-scissors vs longer scissors.

The Perfect Scissor Kit

GLADOG Professional Grooming Scissors for Dogs with Safety Round Tips. A 4 in 1 Dog Grooming Scissors Set, Sharp and Durable Pet Grooming Shears for Dogs

Home Grooming Essentials Sets

Dogs Grooming Scissor Kit

  — Professional Pet Grooming Scissors Kit includes 1 × 6.5-inch thinning shear, 1 × 6.5-inch curved scissor, 1 × 6.5-inch straight scissor, 1 × pet comb, 1 × cleaning cloth, 1 × black leather case
— Round-end Tips for Maximum Safety never need to worry about poking your pet’s skin, because all dog scissors for grooming have rounded end tips, especially when trimming sensitive areas (such as the face, ears, eyes, nose, paws)
— Extremely High-Quality Stainless Steel-The round tips of pet scissors are made of 4CR Titanium Coated Stainless Steel, which is sharp and durable without pulling hair
— Ergonomic Design for Comfort design helps to fit in hand comfortably and minimize fatigue for long time use, rubber bumper at the handle prevents accidental clamping of the fingers and avoid making a loud noise to frighten your pet like electric clippers.

These are the most recommended sets of shears and Scissor kets I suggested to friends and those wanting dog grooming advice. Their good and reliable and cost-effective.

LILYS Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

LILYS PET Professional PET Grooming Scissors Kit, Coated Titanium, Sharp and Strong Stainless Steel Blade for Dogs Hair Cutting, 3 Pieces of Scissors with a Comb and a Case

1 straight scissor
1 thinning scissor
1 Two-way curved scissor
1 scissors’ case,
1 brushing clothes, color is random,
Color: Blue.
Material:6CR stainless steel

Excellent Buy – Most Popular

Was: $39.99
Price: $37.99 & FREE Returns
You Save: $2.00 (5%)   View Scissors Kit

Individual Shears-Scissors

These individual scissors are 5.5 to 6.5 inches.

Individual Shears-Scissors

These individual scissors are 6.5 to 8.5 inches.

LILYS PET 7" Right-Handed Pet Round-Tip Grooming Stainless Steel Safety Grooming for Dogs (Curved Scissor)

LILYS PET 7″ Right-Handed Pet Round-Tip Grooming Stainless Steel Safety Grooming for Dogs Curved Scissor

Style: Round-Tip CURVED Pet Grooming Scissors.
Material: 4CR stainless steel
Hardness: 56HRC
Color: Silver.
Rounded Safety Tips to Prevent Cutting Delicate Areas. No need to worry about poking your pet’s skin with these round-tipped scissors.

My Personal Choice

Was: $19.98  Price: $17.99 & FREE Returns
You Save: $1.99 (10%)   View full description on scissors

Scissors Material

A good scissor, the material is the key, The material of our factory’s scissors is mainly divided into the following kinds: high-quality stainless steel 4CR13 comov 6CR13 comov, 9CR13 comov and the high-end quality Japanese stainless steel 440C which is world-famous. All scissors are forging.
4CR13 belongs to Martensitic stainless steel which is the international number, The Martensitic stainless steel is used to produce the knife and scissors. The Martensitic stainless steel grades are mainly 4CR13, 6CR13, 9CR13. Stainless steel has a certain hardness to guarantee the sharpness of scissors. The internal organization of the Martensite stainless steel is changed by heat treatment, resulting in the formation of tempered martensite.T through the process, the hardness of stainless steel is increased, then complete the production of the scissors. With magnetic conductivity, it can be attracted by the magnet. 4CR13,6CR13 and 9CR13 Stainless steel are all high-speed steel and emerging steel.CR is chromium, the higher the previous number, the harder the crisper, and not easier to rust.

— Style:Round-Tip CURVED Pet Grooming Scissors.Size:7.0″.Color:Silver.
— Including 1 Rounded tip pet CURVED scissor,1 cloth, and 1 scissor case.
— Made of high-quality 4CR Stainless Steel, unique blade grind for cutting performance. Longer blade life, ultra-durable blades stay sharper longer.
— Rounded tips design to assure the safety of your pet.No need to worry about poking your pet’s skin with these round-tipped scissors. Safer to use. Razor-sharp edge provides effortless shaping and finishing of all coat types.
— Greater comfort and precision control. Engineering structure design allows you to grip them very comfortably and reduce the labor intensity of you. This design ensures the minimum risk for repetitive motion injury.

Personal note: You will notice that purchasing individual shears will cost a few extra dollars. Also, when ordering your shears, you can specify size: 5″, 6″, 7″  to 8 inches. When you order the shears kit or scissor sets, keep the manufactures number. You can call them and order small or larger sizes. I have ordered singles and paid more dollars for them, so its: what’s in your wallet decision-time. In the long run, you are saving on those grooming salon charges. Also, on occasion, I have suggested buying a new kit because of cost savings.

My Personal Best for usage is the 6.5 and 8-inch straight-edge scissors

#5 Master Dog Grooming Straight Shears

Master Grooming Tools Stainless Steel 5200 Rainbow Series Pet Straight Shears

Available in 6-1/2-Inch, 7-1/2-Inch, 8-Inch, and 8-1/2-Inch,

Fashionable, economical, and perfect for touch-ups and general maintenance
The colorful, shimmering finish offers a rainbow-like effect
Short shanks and offset handles reduce hand fatigue and dialed tension adjusters make it easy to set the cutting tension

Price: $51.99 & FREE Returns  View Shears Now



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to invest money in expensive dog grooming scissors?

Most will say no when you are first starting to groom your dog at home. That it’s OK to start with cheap shears. And that is true only if you only need dog grooming scissors to trim around your dog’s eyes and feet in between grooming appointments.

However, if you plan to scissor your entire dog for the future yourself, then it’s definitely worth the investment to buy more expensive shears. Higher-quality shears will cut faster and more smoothly, plus, they’ll stay sharp longer than cheaper shears.

Should I have more than one type or pair of dog grooming scissors?

You can do a lot with just one type of good quality grooming scissors, and only if your dog needs just minimal trimming. But, each type of shears has its own strengths and uses and your grooming may benefit from having a variety of tools.


If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to ask a question in the comments.



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