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Here is a wide selection of what I consider professional dog grooming tables to fit any of your needs for grooming your pet including portable and foldable adjustable models best suited for small, medium, and large dogs. Most are considered heavy-duty and come with adjustable arm & noose with high quality ribbed pure rubber matting which ensures the pets’ safety. You may even choose a static-free board with skid resistance legs that makes it easy to clean, hair and debris and can be wiped down easily.

Doing dog grooming at home can be a fun experience while making an even better bond with your pet. The choice of a table should be selected by your dog’s breed and height. In my opinion, there is no best dog grooming table but one that fits your purpose and budget.

And the purpose: Nail clipping, brushing, trimming in both areas…body hair or just trimming the hair around the paws, ears, eyes, etc. The links above are for the proper tools you will need for your grooming.

If you have a useable table at home already, maybe a folding table that is portable, this can be an excellent grooming table for your pet and you may only have to buy an anti-slip-proof mat that is usually found at a local dollar store or Walmart. On the other hand, some owners may feel a bit more at ease if they can hold their dog in place with a table that has a clamp-on adjustable grooming arm with a security nylon grooming noose (with sturdy buckle) to keep pets safe and stay in place. Again, you know your canine best, and therefore, it falls back to what you feel comfortable with and most importantly your budget size.

If you are first starting out with a new puppy, I’m old school. I have a wet room and a large beach towel on the floor for trimming, clipping, and well, just basic grooming, gets the job done. For bathing, the bathtub is adequate. For medium and large size dogs what is the project at hand? Bathing? Answer…bathtub or shower. Small dog? See a few bathing examples I came up with on that subject.

Just in case you are wondering about me dogs grooming. Bathing is done in a little kiddies pool in the backyard. They all love it. Wintertime goes to the bathtub. And since I have shower doors, when I am done rinsing them off, I just step out, close the door, and shake away guys and lady. That by the way is done with training.

Tip on this washing. If your dog tries to shake off the water while you are bathing, always have one hand under the neck and wash with the other when first starting this process, If they go to shake, firm your grip under the neck and with the other hand firmly pressing down on the back and repeating to them NO Sheba, NO Sheba, Good Girl, Good Girl. After a few washing, they’ll understand the bathing process. Dogs are smart. They just need to be spoken to in the right way and trained. That is why they are our best friends, right?

I know I might be making this sound so easy. And in a way it is. You just need for you and your dog to get used to each other in whatever grooming exercise you are trying to accomplish. All my dogs were grown up from pups and I brought them through each task, but rest assured, this can be done now at any age with just little patients. Do you think when you take your dog to a groomer to have any of these grooming chores done, their little “angels”? Guess again. That’s why they get the big bucks you pay.

I do different grooming at different times. Baths 1 a month (maybe your every 2 months), nails every 2 weeks, and so on. Don’t do everything all at once. Have fun!

Now then, if you are starting this project of grooming your dog at home and he/she is an older dog, then use common sense. Do you have control over your pet? Do they listen to you? Are they fidgety? Well then, I think I have answered those questions above. Take it one step at a time. Be patient. Have treats with you and give them one each step of the way.


Dog Grooming Tables

These 4 tables I have seen in use by friends, so they are recommendations.

This link here is for just a Lifetime Height Adjustable Craft Camping and Utility Folding Table, 4 ft. 4’/48 x 24, White Granite for $48. All you would need to do is get a rubber slip-proof mat. You decide. Cheap inexpensive options.

This link will give you a broader range of grooming tables to choose from.

Grooming tables for medium-sized dogs these are portable dog grooming tables with harnesses

Large dog grooming tables both portable and professional styles

If I can help answer any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


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