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There are, oh-so-many websites for dog lovers on the Internet these days, in fact, it can be difficult and time-consuming to actually find the ones you really need in a pinch when you need direct information. Dogs have been an important part of my family life forever, so I’m very glad to find so much information about dogs online. Owning three different breeds (4 dogs), I like to keep ahead of the learning curve. Besides, I have horses and cattle to keep up on as well. Like many other people, I’m often too busy to be running through site after site trying to find the particular information I need. I like to go directly to useful information on the Internet instead of searching for it.

You see, many of the sites nowadays, are written and designed to sell products, more than give me useful information. Usually, generic information that is.

Tip: Don’t add to your search the word “best”, because you will only get the best of what that site wants to sell. Take my word on that.

I only do reviews of dog products that are a good match for my dogs and my own readers. My Dog’s Grooming doesn’t do a post just to post unrelated information. I prefer posts, including dog personalized product reviews and dog toy reviews, that relate in some way to my real-life experiences and lifestyle with my own and my subscriber’s pets.

I will be honest about what I like or don’t about dog products. my readers expect good and real honest opinions, and that’s what I give them.

Growing up with pets and animals since I was 12 years old (younger really living on a ranch) I have lots of experience in the areas of grooming, health, and general health not only with my own pets but with friends and neighbors as well.

Let’s keep our pets healthy and looking good just like we do with ourselves.

Trustworthy Websites for Helpful Information

I’ve bookmarked four dog sites that I find both interesting and helpful. On this page, I’ll review each of these sites.



First, I am the owner of 4 pure-breed dogs–2 German Shepherds, a Golden Retriever, and a Border Collie.

Now, it doesn’t matter what lineage your dog might be, what is important is that dogs are dogs and we want the best information we can get on them to keep them fit, looking good and healthy. That’s the bottom line. And this is why I list AKC (American Kennel Club) as number one.

The site has a ton of information on just about every topic you can think of. You can use the top menu or use the search box, which I do when bookmarking a new topic of information.

In over 20+ years, this site has not let me down. No more needs to be said. AKC link.



As we all know, the ASPCA has always been about animal care and has sections on preventing animal cruelty, adopting pets, and helping animals in trouble or distress, but it also has a lot of information about caring for our pets. Whether that be for a dog, cat, or horse care, you can find a variety of important information under the “Pet Care” link which is located on the bottom of the home page. Viewers have the opportunity to learn all about general pet care for dog health and nutrition for their pet, get help on the subject of dog training, grooming techniques, pet planning and much more.

The home page of the site contains the latest news articles about ASPCA’s efforts to help animals. As with any site, don’t hesitate to use the search box to reach the desired result you are looking for information on.

This is a very useful site for information. ASPCA link.


Here is a site that helps pet owners with high-quality veterinary care and gives owners the tools and education to ensure you have a happy and healthy relationship with their pets. The website is kept very up-to-date with fresh information on a daily basis. Information supplied by credible trainers, vets, animal experts, and owners.  I find the site to be very user-friendly with a mix of new content and helpful videos. Unlike most sites, this one has a Ask the Expert section, a Tip of the Day post, and an archive of articles to teach proper care and health of your pet.

I believe you will find this a very helpful site. When friends and neighbors are looking for some information, instead of bothering me at times, they are getting their answers from Vetstreet. Give a try.



Dogster aficionados champion everything canine. Dogster looks to instruct, advise, and urge guests on the best way to best think about their canine. It marks a solid perspective toward dog selection and urging benefactors to request capable reproducers. A week after week site highlights are from regarded vets and coaches. Dogster has an abundance of sites covering all parts of the dog culture and chronicles a full range of canine skills, from the senseless to genuine. With the entirety of this data, Dogster can be a one-stop-shop.

Dogster’s site is partitioned into simple to explore tabs. A few features are its broad ‘Video’ exhibition including unique Dogster creations, for example, The Dog Report, Dogster Obsessions, and The Dog Show. Dogster’s ‘Answer’ interface lets guests post any inquiry they may have and furthermore search its amassed data. The ‘Book of Dog’ dishes on hound breeds, well-being points, preparing and preparing. The ‘Pooch Photos’ region gives pointers on the best way to make the best canine photograph operation and furthermore gives hound sweethearts a stage to share shots, from little guys observing Halloween, yawning, or associating with companions. Dogster likewise has functioned on the web ‘Network’ and distributes a six version for each year print magazine.

This is a very good site to bookmark. Dogster

I feel between these four websites you will obtain a plethora of information for good care for your pooch. I have yet to not find what I was looking for when needing information or self-help, even though I do depend mostly on my veterinarian’s experience. Feel free to traverse the internet and if you find something out of the ordinary that you needed help with, please let us know by adding a comment. I am always interested in new information and if important I will add it.

Product Reviews for Dogs and their care

I am only going to list products for dogs that I have used personally and liked or products used by friends and subscribers.

While doing this website, I emailed a survey to all my friends with dogs, a lot, to get their feedback on what products they were using and the why’s. What they used and dislikes if any on products they tried to solve a problem. Problems and situations they came across and what remedies were used for a solution.

Was it in the best interest of the dog by taking him/her to the veterinarian? The vet’s solution? Was it attainable online?

So, the answers you find on this entire site for a good product to use come with honest recommendations with actual usage.

Review June 17, 2020

Cedar Chips for dog bedding Pet’s Pick Cedar Bedding, 5.0 cu ft for Dog Beds, Houses and Runs with MAXIMUM ODOR CONTROL

Ideal for DOG/CAT BEDS, and RUNS
Will Rellel Fleas, Ticks and Smells
Pets stay ODOR-FREE, WARM and DRY
Cedar chips are kiln-dried for better absorption and to remover harmful bacteria
TRIPLE SCREENED to REMOVE irritating dust
WORRY-FREE to clean-up when soiled

Great for dog bedding, rabbit hutches, hamster cages, and even horse stalls


Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet.

GREENIES Original Dog Natural Dental Treats

I believe the three frequently asked questions I am asked the most is:

1. What’s the best way to keep my dog’s teeth clean instead of brushing and improve their breath?

Answer: All I can say on this topic, which most don’t like, but dogs teeth should be brushed at least 3-times weekly, which I do. With 4 dogs, I pass on the daily routine. It’s just a fact that dogs get tarter-plague build-up, tooth decay, and gum disease. It can cause painful infections

For the Greenies Dog Treats, well, my veterinarian suggested them to me back in 2000 and have been using them ever since. Luckily, I have had only one dog with a bad tooth in 20 years. They do work great and keeps their breath fresh, I will also add, that on rare occasions, I will give my dogs Nylabone edible chew treats. (They are best for a dog who has all his permanent teeth; they are not recommended for the immature digestive systems of very young puppies). They contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, plus, a few large boxes of Milkbone Dog Biscuits. All of these treats help remove the plaque just as well.

Note: I have never given my dog’s bones such as rawhide, chicken, steak, or any others. By giving your dog a portion of good healthy dog food, both dry and canned, vegetables in their diets, your dog should live a healthy and long life. All of the dogs I have had died of old age, plus one Shepherd from hip displacement. Bones can chip and cause a serious problem if not monitored and I’ll leave it at that.

2. How many supplements should I give my dog?

If you are feeding your dog the proper dog food both dry and wet, you really do not have to give them any supplements. Read the label on your dry dog food and read the article I have on dog nutrition. I do, however, add into my dog’s food in the evening, 3 times a week Kale which is great with vitamins like K, A, and Iron that provide bone health, proper vision and immune function, fetal development, and energy. I also mix in some of these vegetables as well when I have: Carrots, green beans, broccoli, spinach. I do cook them up some.

Now the only supplement I give to all my 4 dogs is Zesty Chews Omega 3 Bites. Each chew features AlaskOmega, a premium fish oil with Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Biotin (or Vitamin B7). Plus, its premium omegas and vitamins make this chewable a functional pet supplement and a great way to support skin moisture content and overall skin health. I started with these back in 2014. At that time I was purchasing 2 different products to have the same result. It;s the premium Alaska fish oil. It’s the same type I have been taking myself for over 20 years.

3. Is there really a difference in dog shampoos?

Answer: Most definitely — Like our human hair shampoo, I prefer one that doesn’t have all the fillers and it’s a natural shampoo. I use an organic single shampoo and conditioner. I just don’t believe in the 2 in one philosophy, It’s a selling technique. See my piece on dog shampoos. It all depends on the breed of your canine. All my dogs have thick double coats (undercoats) and need extra care for shedding and matting. I have listed what I feel and readers’ opinions as well of what the best shampoos are available for your breed.

4. My dog gives me a very hard time when I try cutting her nails?

Answer: This happens most frequently when a dog is not handled regularly at a young age, they will develop a fear of being restrained. Most dogs are sensitive about their feet being touched. This could be from a lack of exposure to such handling or possibly a prior bad experience in which their nails were cut too short. The reason being, the nail contains both a blood vessel (the “quick”) and a nerve that can lead to bleeding and pain for your pooch. It is a good idea to touch your dog’s feet often at a young age to help them get accustomed to this type of handling and reward with treats as you do this. With an older dog, you have adopted say, sit down with them and show them the clippers. Let them smell them and lick them, give them a treat in between. If this is your first time, only clip a small portion on one, then give them a treat, talk to them, make them feel at ease. Then try another. If there is still some resistance, then stop and come back a little later. Eventually, he or she will get used to you touching and clipping their nails.

There are some clippers that make more noise than others and that is why I recommend using the Boshel nail clipper with a safety guard that prevents cutting too much and which I have been using for over 3 years now or the Laika, plus both come with a file. I still have my older clippers and use them as well. View clippers here.

5. We just got a new puppy, any suggestions for training. She is our first dog (both of us).

Answer: Then you do have a lot to learn. But don’t be scared. It’s a bit easier than a child that age. First, there is food and you will find that under Health and Nutrition. 2nd–you will need a small room that you can cordon off for her little den. Laundry room, etc. You will need to buy a small gate for the entrance of whatever room you choose. Closing the door and leaving her in there all day can develop bad behavior and anxiety problems. Make sure she has plenty of toys to keep her busy. It is always a good practice to change up the toys every few days. (4-6 toys, 3 for a few days and switch to the other 3, bag and forth)

3rd. Potty training. See the Training menu. There is enough there to give you guidance.  I also suggest that you get this book from a professional trainer I have known for over 15 years. I have purchased many copies which I have given to friends. It will guide you in bringing up your puppy to training her and it is an invaluable wealth of knowledge. Secrets To Dog Training

6. Is it possible to keep ahead of fleas on our dog and in our home?

Yes. Four possible things must be done correctly.

  1. If you have a yard it must be sprayed before the flea season starts and to be safe every 3 months. I have listed the perfect Flea spray for your yard, Vet’s Best Flea, and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray, that I have been using completely around my entire home for over 12 years or so. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. Just hook it up to your water hose, spray and you’re done.
  2. You will need to first give him a good bath using Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo or the TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick Soothing Shampoo. I use the TopiClean. If you have a yard I would suggest a small kiddie pool for bathing, if not, use a tub filled with enough water to completed submerge him up to the neckline. This will kill 99% of the fleas. Then empty, refill, and bath him with a good message of the shampoo. Towel dry. (a trick: I use a kiddie pool, my dogs love baths, but if in the house if you have doors or shower curtain after rinsing thoroughly, close the curtain and let him do a few shakes. Towel dry. Best to have two large cotton towels.
  3. Before letting him out into the home make sure you have sprayed inside the home with  Vets Flea and Tick Spray for your home and on your pet, dog, or cat. This Vets spray is good for all over the home, floors, furniture, and the dog himself. If you have a bigger problem with fleas you may have to use the flea bombs I listed at the bottom of the flea and tick page. That’s it you’re all done. Just keep up with yard spray if applicable or house spray.
  4. I would also suggest a flea collar if the wallet can accommodate the cost. They are 100% effective in flea and tick control.

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Personal note:

I am not an Internet marketer. This site was “not” set up for the purpose of making an income like almost 99% of the dog websites are, so you will truly get an honest opinion on how to groom your dog and what products are best suited to keeping your dog looking good and healthy.

I am retired, own a 245-acre ranch with horses, cattle, and four beautiful dogs sprinkled throughout this website. I grew up with dogs all my life. Over the many years, I was always asked questions about dogs because of my knowledge, and because when anyone saw my canines I was always complimented by how well they looked and behaved. To me, my dogs are family, which means they get the best care possible. That is the reason for this site. To help those with only the information I know about owning dogs and what care is needed in keeping them healthy and looking good. What products I use and remedies needed for situations. I feel it’s not necessary to take your dog to a vet or groomer unless you want to or it is needed and care for them yourselves without the expense.

I had always purchased my dog, horse, and cattle supplies from my local country feed store because it was and in many cases still is cheaper. And for about the past 15 years, I have been able to purchase my dog products that are no longer available at my local feed store and have found them from Amazon, more so the last 7-8 years. I also still have to purchase a few items directly from manufacturers due to the efficacy I expect for my dogs and list them as well. As for Amazon, we know how big they are and carry a very large variety of name-brand manufactures on some of the best canine products available. The pricing is the lowest for most of what I buy online including products for my dogs and horses. I can get the name brands I trust and use, with fast delivery to my home for free. Most of all the products I suggest I use myself and have been suggested to me by my veterinarian of 21 years. Products I do not use because I do not need to but have suggested to friends and neighbors have been pleased and reported good results. I do have a lot of experience with animals.

Disclaimer: I must note, that I am not a veterinarian and when one is needed do consult with one. All the recommendations on my blog are because of my own personal use and my own experiences.

The Best of Luck with Your Pups and Older Dogs.

Have a great day.

Last updated July 23, 2021


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